Computer repair service in Klaipėda.
Our service main tags: computers, phones, televisions, cameras and other electronic equipment repair in Klaipeda
Our main activity is to repair computers and other electronic equipment (Renew functionality for: phones, TV sets, 
cameras, GPS navigators, coffee makers, and others. We started our activities in 2001. Our customers can be assured
that they will receive professional help. Our regular customers recommend us to their friends. We firmly believe 
that the key to successful cooperation is based on universal values, the conscience and the kind words. 
We would be pleased if you become our customer.
Computer Repair in Klaipeda
Cleaning and optimizing Windows. Cleaning Your Computer with last version of Antivirus software, remove spyware. 
Removal of all types of viruses, Trojans. Installing drivers and software.
Operating System (OS) – the basic thing for any modern computer, without it is a pile of iron, 
so it is very important that it is properly installed and configured. The vast majority of modern computers and laptops
 running Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 OS. Operating System – is a program that controls all management 
(data input and output, data storage, work with files and the Internet).   Price from 15 €.
Connectors Repair
Repair or replacement USB connectors, power jacks, LAN jacks, quickly and efficiently.
Signs of damaged power connector:
the computer will not turn on;
spontaneous fully turned off;
while wiggling wires laptop is turned off;
batteries become very hot;
Battery charging not propertly. The price of 20 €.